46% of PlayStation players would subscribe to Xbox Game Pass if Activision titles were added

A recent survey has revealed that 46% of PlayStation players in the US would consider subscribing to Xbox Game Pass if Activision titles were added.  

The survey, which was conducted by YouGov (opens in new tab) in January 2022, revealed a number of statistics about Activision titles hypothetically coming to Xbox Game Pass following Microsoft’s purchase of Activision earlier this year. 

As it turns out, the survey revealed that – out of Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC players – PlayStation fans would be most likely to consider subscribing to Xbox Game Pass if it included Activision titles such as Diablo, Warcraft, Crash Bandicoot, Overwatch, and more. In fact, 46% of US PlayStation players and 29% of UK PlayStation players surveyed would consider it. 

As for the other players, the survey found that 46% (26% in the UK) of Nintendo players, 42% (26% in the UK) of PC players, and 27% (20% in the UK) of Smartphone players would subscribe to Game Pass following the addition of Activision’s games to the Xbox service.

Another interesting statistic found in the survey revealed that out of Activision’s biggest properties, Call of Duty would be the biggest driver for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions with 19% of US players and 11% of UK players saying it would convince them the most over the other Activision titles mentioned in the survey.

Despite the results found in the survey, Xbox boss Phil Spencer previously revealed around the time of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision that the deal isn’t meant to “pull communities away” from PlayStation. 

The acquisition also doesn’t mean that Activision’s games will go on to become Xbox/PC exclusives either, at least not right now. Eager to not disappoint players on platforms other than Xbox, Spencer also said at the time of the announcement that Activision games will still be “enjoyed on a variety of platforms” despite the Xbox takeover.

It’s worth noting that this survey was conducted before the announcement of PS Plus Premium, Sony’s revamped take on its own subscription service. Unveiled last month, it offers three tiers of rewards, including more than 700 significant games from throughout Sony history if you subscribe at the highest level.

On the topic of the Xbox subscription service, take a look at our list of best games on Xbox Game Pass for ideas on what to play next. 

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