A new Lego set based on The Office has every reference you could imagine

You’ll be able to get your own Lego The Office set this Fall; a kit from the Lego Ideas range is due to land on shelves October 1. You can pre-order it from the official Lego store (opens in new tab) now.

Following on from the Friends and Seinfeld sets, Lego’s sitcom range continues to grow with this pack based on the mockumentary show. Featuring most of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton office as it appeared in the series, Lego The Office has 1,164 bricks, 15 minifigures, and numerous accessories. It costs $119.99 (opens in new tab) in the US and £104.99 (opens in new tab) in the UK.

Most of the show’s iconic areas are featured here, including Michael Scott’s office, the conference room, and reception area. There are also minifigures for most of the cast (including Angela’s cat, Garbage) along with bonus items for them. These range from Kevin’s famous chili that you can spill across the Lego floor, a ‘World’s Best Boss Mug’, and a stapler in gelatine.

LEGO The Office Kevin's famous chili

(Image credit: LEGO)

This is just the latest of Lego’s new kits coming out this year; we recently found out that a massive $280 set based on Bowser is on its way, along with an Avatar pack that glows in the dark and a set from Obi-Wan that lets you recreate one of the show’s most disturbing moments.

If you don’t want to wait until those turn up, our bargain-hunting software has listed the best of today’s Lego deals below.

Today’s best Lego deals

For some brick-based recommendations, check out our guide to the best Lego sets. You can also find highly recommended Lego Star Wars sets and Lego Super Mario sets with our guides.

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