Alan Wake 2 third-person camera and lead actor confirmed

Alan Wake 2 will maintain the third-person perspective and bring back Matthew Porretta in the titular role.

Just below, you can see a tweet from Remedy Games studio head and writer/director Sam Lake publisher earlier today on December 14. In the tweet itself, Lake reveals that Alan Wake 2 will maintain the typical third-person camera perspective used by Remedy Games, as well as recruiting American actor Matthew Porretta once again for the role of Wake.

Thank you for being as excited about Alan Wake 2 as we are ❤️🔥🔦. A couple of easy clarifications before we go dark to continue the work. Yes, this is a 3rd person game. Yes, both Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta return in the role of Alan Wake. #AlanWake @alanwake @remedygames 14, 2021

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Neither of these details are ultimately a massive surprise for Alan Wake 2, but it’s nonetheless solid confirmation of what to expect from the forthcoming sequel. Porretta returning for the role of Wake is a treat, especially after his absorbing turn as Doctor Caspar Darling in Control, where he stepped into the role of the character in a live-action turn.

It’s also a relief that Remedy is sticking with the third-person camera, considering how brilliantly their last few games have played. Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control all employed an ‘over-the-shoulder’ camera perspective for their adventures, and the result was some enthralling action in each game, especially in Control, which ultimately won Gamesradar’s Game of the Year award for 2019.

Remedy just unveiled Alan Wake 2 for the first time earlier this month at The Game Awards 2021 in L.A. Unlike the original game, this sequel is going full survival horror, with a gritty trailer revealing a bloodied Wake. From the sounds of Lake’s new tweet, it appears like we’ll be waiting a fair while yet before we hear anything more of the highly anticipated sequel.

Check out our Alan Wake 2 story theories feature for more on what to expect from Remedy’s upcoming game.

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