Ambulance: The trailer for Michael Bays new movie is here – and its pure Bayhem

Michael Bay’s back with a new movie – and the trailer is as explosive as you would expect from the blockbuster maestro.

Ambulance, based on the 2005 Danish movie of the same name, centers on Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s two bank robbers. On a heist, things turn south quickly, and they end up stealing an ambulance with a wounded police officer on board. Eiza González’s first responder is attending the cop and soon becomes a hostage to the two robbers. 

Although much of the movie happens on the ambulance, Bay’s managed to get more than a few explosions into the trailer – just imagine what that means when the film drops in February? We’re talking pure Bayhem.

Speaking to USA Today (opens in new tab) about the movie, Gyllenhaal teased the “wild” shoot. “I’d heard all these amazing stories about Michael Bay and what it’s like working with him,” he said. “He’s wild, man, but I adore him. Driving around the streets of L.A. at like 100 miles per hour, shooting guns at helicopters. There are many stories out of that movie that are really fun and crazy.”

Bay’s most recent directorial effort was the Netflix movie 6 Underground, starring Ryan Reynolds. That, too, was an explosive action thriller that caught the world’s attention – picking up huge viewing figures on Netflix despite negative reviews (even the head of Netflix admitted they “didn’t get there creatively” on the movie).

From the Ambulance trailer, it’s looking like another Bay-tastic movie that will be a hit with audiences, less so with critics. But perhaps what we all need right now is some explosive action to clear out our eardrums. The movie reaches cinemas on February 18 – for more, check out the most exciting upcoming movies heading your way over the coming months.

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