Amusing but sadistic AI SHODAN is as terrifying as ever in the Gamescom trailer for anticipated remake System Shock

System Shock, the upcoming remake of the legendary PC first-person adventure from 1994, continues to impress in a gameplay trailer shown at the Future Games Show at Gamescom Powered by Mana.

The trailer starts off in a way that might just seem a tad antagonistic to any videogame fan, with System Shock’s iconic AI, Shodan, expressing its disgust at “humans interfacing with computers for their entertainment.”

From there, we return to Citadel Station, and it doesn’t take long before Shodan is making its maleficent presence felt. While the game’s towering space station looks better than ever, we’re also swiftly reminded that it is most definitely not a safe place to be, especially once Shodan’s cyborg ‘children’ begin showing up, many of them sporting some truly impressive firepower.

For all the ways in which the System Shock remake has built upon the visuals of its predecessor, the roots of the 1994 original are still very much on display, from the crackle of its colourful particle effects to the retro stylings, particularly around the important hacking minigames.

There’s still no exact word on a release date for the System Shock remake, but we do know that it’s coming soon, and that you can currently download a demo on PC via Steam. Elsewhere, the remake is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One, as well as GOG and the Epic Games Store on PC, so you’ll be able to take on the Citadel with all the benefits of the new generation.

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