Apex Legends Season 12 is making a big change for quitters

Apex Legends’ new season is making a big change for quitters, and a hugely welcome one at that.

Just earlier today on February 8, the official patch notes for Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance arrived. Among the extensive list of in-game changes for Respawn’s battle royale game was the section highlighted just below, revealing that quitting players won’t deny their enemies a kill/assist when they exit the game.

This has gone over, as you can probably tell from the Apex Legends subreddit post above, really well with the game’s community. Many are seeing this as a problem that’s plagued Apex Legends for years now, whereby quitting players would rob their opponents of a rightful kill or assist.

In short, when a player quits a match of Apex Legends, the person that last damaged them will be granted a kill. Alternatively, if a player quits out while they’re in a downed state, the player that knocked them down will immediately be granted the kill. This might not sound like it, but it’s a big change that has the potential to satiate a lot of the Apex Legends player base.

This change will be going live in Apex Legends later today, when Season 12 formally kicks off on all platforms. The new season heralds the arrival of chaotic attacker Mad Maggie, a new limited-time mode called Control, a new Battle Pass, the return of the Olympus map, and much more. It’s set to be a big season for Respawn’s game, and you can head over to our Apex Legends retrospective feature for a look back on three years of the game with the developer.

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