Apex Legends next event, Unshackled, brings back Flashpoint

Flashpoint is back in Apex Legends.

The fan-favorite time-limited mode – which sees Legends seeking out Flashpoint zones on the map in order to re-gen their health and shields – is back again as part of Apex Legends (opens in new tab)‘ upcoming new event, Unshackled.

Unshackled will run for two weeks, kicking off on April 19. There’ll be 40 new “event-themed” cosmetics up for grabs, including new skins, charms, and badges to unlock.

“Unleash your Legends’ full power in the Unshackled Event!” developer Respawn says in an update on the official website. “Play on Olympus as you never have before in limited-time mode Flashpoint. You won’t find shield or health items: instead, regenerate health and shield in flashpoint zones that you’d better be ready to fight for!

“Unlock 40 event-themed cosmetics and play your way through two unique weekly challenge tracks, each packed with new items.”

Did you know the new-gen version of Apex Legends is now available (opens in new tab) for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players?

The new-gen versions of Apex Legends were surprise-launched at the end of last month alongside the Warriors Collection Event. Xbox Series X (opens in new tab)/S players will automatically have their Xbox One version of the battle royale shooter upgraded, while PS5 (opens in new tab) players will have to download the new-gen version of the game from scratch.

Right now, new-gen versions of Apex Legends will boast native 4K output, as well as full 60Hz gameplay and HDR as well as higher resolution shadow maps and greater LOD distances. However, some new-gen features won’t be coming to Apex Legends until later on including 120Hz, which offers the ability to play at a smooth 120FPS but isn’t launching for new-gen players right now. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will be coming to the PS5 version in the future, too. 

Alyssa thinks Apex Legends Control mode is nearly perfect and should be permanent (opens in new tab).

“The popular Apex Legends Control mode has once again come and gone, but I think it’s about time it became a permanent fixture in the multiplayer rotation,” she said. “The mode returned in the latest Limited Time Event – the Warrior Collection – and only for a two-week stint after it was previously available for just three weeks in February of this year. Despite its limited availability, Control is the kind of mode that should remain readily available to players.”

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