DCs new Aquaman has a new sister, spilling out of The Becoming #3

Jackson Hyde was recently named ‘Aquaman’ by the original Aquaman (Arthur Curry) in Aquaman: The Becoming #1 (opens in new tab), but in November 16’s Aquaman: The Becoming #3 (opens in new tab) he learns something shocking about his past – something that, in a strange way, gives him another thing in common with his predecessor.

Aquaman: The Becoming #3 cover

Aquaman: The Becoming #3 cover (Image credit: David Talaski (DC))

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Spoilers for Aquaman: The Becoming #3

The mystery antagonist named Deluge who debuted in Aquaman: The Becoming #1 is still on the new Aquaman’s tail in Aquaman: The Becoming #3, following him across several superhero safe houses and into Titans Tower West, the disused and dilapidated former home of the Teen Titans on the San Francisco waterfront.

Deluge is eventually revealed to be Jackson Hyde’s previously-unknown sister. The villain, whose real name is Delilah, shares the same mother as Jackson – the Xebellian rebel Lucia. During the issue, Deluge continues to demonstrate she’s a formidable fighter – even besting the well-trained Jackson in combat.

And prior to the stunning reveal, Delilah/Deluge makes it clear her animosity for Jackson’s upbringing is personal.

“Don’t tell me, Jackson–did you have to actually sacrifice something?” Delilah chides him while they are fighting. “Put that perfect life of yours at real risk?”

Aquaman: The Becoming #3 excerpt

Aquaman: The Becoming #3 excerpt (Image credit: Scott Koblish/Wade Von Grawbadger/Adriano Lucas/Alex Guimarães/AndWorld Design (DC))

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Delilah/Deluge challenges Jackson to show some of the same tenacity as his father (the Black Manta), but it’s the mention of their mother, Lucia, that prompts a frenzied attack on Delilah by the unaware Jackson. Lucia eventually shows up to try to break the sibling fight up.

“He really has no clue, does he…?” Deluge says. “Unbelievable.”

Aquaman: The Becoming #3 excerpt

Aquaman: The Becoming #3 excerpt (Image credit: Scott Koblish/Wade Von Grawbadger/Adriano Lucas/Alex Guimarães/AndWorld Design (DC))

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It’s only after repeated prodding by Delilah that Lucia finally reveals what’s really going on..

“Her name is Delilah, Jackson… She’s your sister…”

Deluge/Delilah has been chasing Jackson since her debut in Aquaman: The Becoming #1, even apparently framing him for the bombing of Atlantis and making him a wanted man by the Atlantean guard.

Unless Lucia is lying about Delilah and Jackson being sisters, the development would create new parallels to Jackson’s mentor Arthur. The original Aquaman also has a half-brother, Orm Marius/Ocean Master, that is one of Arthur’s arch-villains. It’s not yet revealed who Delilah’s father is, but given how she refers to Jackson’s father Black Manta, it doesn’t appear it’s him (or at least she doesn’t think it’s him).

Aquaman: The Becoming #4 (of 6) goes on sale on December 28. A collection of all six Aquaman: The Becoming (opens in new tab) issues is set for May 24, 2022.

While you wait, make sure you’ve read all the best Aquaman stories of all time. 

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