Armstrong is immortal no more in Archer & Armstrong Forever

Valiant Comics will relaunch its long running Archer & Armstrong title in May as Archer & Armstrong Forever, with a new twist on the mythos of the immortal Armstrong and his companion Archer.

Archer & Armstrong Forever #1 cover

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In Archer & Armstrong Forever, from writer Steve Foxe, artists Marcio Fiorito, colorist Alex Guimarães, and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Armstrong’s immortality and invincibility have begun to fade, leaving the once unkillable warrior vulnerable for the first time in his ages-long life. As a result, Archer will embark on a quest around the world to recover artifacts that may have the magic necessary to save Armstrong’s life.

“The bond between Archer and Armstrong is, in my mind, one of the most compelling in all of comics. Action, adventure, comedy, super-gross body horror: there’s no genre Archer and Armstrong can’t steamroll,” states Foxe in the announcement. “I can’t wait for returning readers to meet all of our new faces (some of them quite weird, to be honest) and for brand-new fans to discover why Archer and Armstrong are pillars of the Valiant Universe!”

Archer & Armstrong Forever #1 is due out May 4, with a cover from Bernard Chang which pays homage to a classic cover from Barry Windsor Smith. 

The first issue of the title will also have a limited edition 1:250 Burnt Wood Variant Cover, which, according to Valiant, is literally made of burnt wood.

Valiant is billing the launch of Archer & Armstrong Forever as part of its ‘Year of Valiant’ initiative which has included new iterations of Shadowman, Harbinger, and more. The series’ planned length has not been announced.

A Burnt Wood Variant Cover is exactly the kind of unique and interesting stuff you can buy at your local comic shop. 

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