Ay! Splatoon 3 fans cant get enough of Big Man

Splatoon 3 fans are already loving the new manta ray character Big Man following today’s game-specific Nintendo Direct. 

In case you missed it, Nintendo hosted another Direct today, this time focusing on the upcoming Splatoon sequel. During the 30-minute presentation, we got plenty of takeaways from new gameplay elements, a better look at the Splatoon 3 weapons , and the first look at a number of new and returning characters. One new face that has charmed fans in particular though is Big Man the Manta Ray. 

Big Man is just one of the three members of the Splatfest group Deep Cut which is also made up of Frye the eel master and Shiver the shark tamer. Understandably, with a great name like Big Man, and a lovably dorky appearance, this manta ray was always going to be a fan favorite. Below, we’ve included just some examples of the internet reacting to Big Man in a big way. 

Big Man appreciation💕💕💕 pic.twitter.com/vJfTFi6HXgAugust 10, 2022

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pictures of big man because he is the male idol we need pic.twitter.com/UNlVD3kX0hAugust 10, 2022

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I am officially decreeing it is now big man Wednesday. Everyone post big man pic.twitter.com/QzSm5kxbnRAugust 10, 2022

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If Big Man has a million fans, Im one of themIf Big Man has a thousand fans, Im one of themIf Big Man has a hundred fans, Im one of themIf Big Man has one fan, Im that fanIf Big Man has no fans, Im no longer livingIf the world is against Big Man, Im against the world pic.twitter.com/EqMMO5SR8EAugust 10, 2022

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Giant sea pancake aside here’s what else that was revealed during today’s Splatoon 3 Direct. During the showcase, it was revealed that Splatoon 3 will be getting a beta in the form of Splatfest in just a few weeks’ time on August 27. We also got our first look at the Splatoon 3 in-game card game which sees players take part in a Turf Wars spin-off game called Tableturf Battle. It’s also been revealed that Splatoon 3 is getting “large-scale paid DLC” alongside two years of free updates.

Want to know even more about the upcoming Nintendo game? Find out everything you need to know about the Splatoon 3 amiibos that are coming over the holidays.  

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