Babylons Fall visual update improves legibility but keeps “oil painting style”

Babylon’s Fall has altered its graphics and art style to improve legibility for players.

Just below, Babylon’s Fall announced the changes earlier today on October 6 through the game’s official Twitter account. In particular, the announcement makes it clear that the changes are based on player feedback, so it seems as though some players may have had a problem during the recent closed beta sessions for the game.

With a big thanks to our Sentinels support, the #BabylonsFall team have been working on updating the graphics to improve legibility while retaining the unique oil painting style! 6, 2021

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You can get a clear look at how Babylon’s Fall is changing just above, based on said feedback. In particular, it appears as though the developers at PlatinumGames are making some of the lighter colors around the environment bolder, especially when they’re used against darker backgrounds. For example, the gold on the red rug on the floor now shrines brighter than before, piercing through the murky surroundings.

There’s nothing but praise for PlatinumGames for the changes here. Just underneath the original announcement tweet, dozens of Babylon’s Fall players are praising the developers for overhauling the graphics of the action-packed game, with many commenting that these steps are a significant improvement for overall clearer environments and legibility.

The closed beta test periods for Babylon’s Fall took place over the last few months. While the first beta phase focused on allowing players to actually sign into the servers of the action-multiplayer game, subsequent test periods ramped things up to gameplay and exploration, across PC, PS4, and PS5. Right now at least, Babylon’s Fall doesn’t have a final release date, but it’s good to know that the developers are constantly listening to fan feedback for any areas they can improve upon.

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