Back 4 Blood split screen options explained

If you want Back 4 Blood split screen options, you’re not alone. The game’s co-op focus and emphasis on social slaying of undead means that many want to know if they can enjoy some local couch co-op, not just online multiplayer. With that in mind, we’re here to answer the question “does Back 4 Blood have split screen”, with explanations of the options available to you below.

Back 4 Blood split screen co-op options

Back 4 Blood split screen

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No, at time of writing Back 4 Blood has no split screen options or couch co-op capabilities on any platform. Zilch, nada, nothing, which is peculiar considering the game is a spiritual descendant of Left 4 Dead, which did include that very feature. So if you were hoping for some collaborative splatter on a shared console, you’re out of luck.

As for whether Back 4 Blood will have split screen options and couch co-op gameplay in the future, it’s hard to say. The closest the developers have got to announcing anything is a Twitter response shown below acknowledging the interest in such a feature and telling audiences to “stay tuned.”

Unfortunately you’re right! Can’t answer that yet but we do hear you and everyone else who really, really wants it. Stay tuned 🤞May 29, 2020

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 So the developers haven’t ruled out any such update or improvement, but on the other hand, they haven’t confirmed it either. Whatever happens going ahead, we’ll be sure to update this page accordingly when/if new information emerges regarding this feature or any relevant update. 

How to play Back 4 Blood with friends

Back 4 Blood split screen

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With all that in mind, it seems that the only way to play Back 4 Blood with friends in the future will be online via different consoles and platforms, and this at least is relatively painless and all-encompassing. The game supports cross-platform play, drop-in/drop-out gameplay, options for both co-operative and competitive game modes, a range of difficulty options to pick from and a certain amount of effort to ensure that playthroughs are differentiated and unique by means of the semi-randomised card system. In fact, split screen and couch co-op seem to be the only elements that aren’t supported in terms of co-op gameplay at time of writing. Again, we’ll update this should it change in the future, but for now you’ll be relegated to playing from different devices altogether.

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