Baldurs Gates 3s top Twitch clips are almost exclusively genital jump-scares

Famously horny RPG Baldur’s Gate 3 is not shy about full nudity, as many top Twitch streamers have rather abruptly discovered since the game’s full launch. 

Mosey on over to the top Twitch clips for Baldur’s Gate 3 and you’ll notice a bit of a recurring trend. From shroud and MissMikkaa to AnnieFuchsia and Quin69, the vast majority of the most-viewed clips are all unwitting streamers stumbling upon the “hide clothes” option and subsequently getting flashbanged by their own characters.

By my count, over half of the top 20 Baldur’s Gate 3 Twitch clips at the time of writing consist of streamers either getting flashed by the character creator, or simply marveling at the sheer variety of genitalia available. Sodapoppin and Quin69 have put in a scholarly effort and double-checked how every vulva option looks on men and how the penis options look on women – rare combinations not seen in RPGs of this scale since Cyberpunk 2077

You’ve got to love the sheer bewilderment that the “hide clothes” button has provoked. To be fair, it’s not unreasonable to expect the setting to simply show your character in their underwear rather than their birthday suit. That might fly in most RPGs, but not in Larian’s world. MissMikkaa’s narration is perfect, and AnnieFuchsia is right behind her.

The best part is that the character creator presents the tamest nudity in the entire game. This is the RPG that brought in voice actors specifically to record sex noises and hired movie-style intimacy coordinators for sex scenes. And let’s not forget the bear thing. That writer wasn’t kidding when he said even Early Access players had no idea “just how horny this game is.” 

A Baldur’s Gate 3 hotfix is already in the works and may arrive today, August 4. 


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