Battlefield 2042 beta file size on PS5 is surprisingly reasonable

The Battlefield 2042 PS5 file size has been revealed, and it will occupy a relatively small amount of space on your console’s SSD.

The PlayStation Game Size Twitter account shared the file size for the Battlefield 2042 beta, saying that its base version will take up 16.861 GB. The total space requirements could fluctuate depending on whatever updates are needed to get the beta running once it goes live next week, but at least we know you probably won’t have to drop in a storage expansion just to play the beta (though if you’re in the market anyway, make sure you check out our guide to the best PS5 SSD so you get a good deal).

🚨 Battlefield 2042 Open Beta (PS5)🟩 Download Size : 16.861 GB (Without Update)🟦 #BattlefieldBeta #BATTLEFIELD2042 29, 2021

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The late-breaking Battlefield 2042 delay meant its beta was pushed back a little bit from its original September window as well, but at least we’ve also learned that you won’t need to be a PS Plus subscriber to participate for this pre-release test. If you’re planning to play on PC instead, you should check out the Battlefield 2042 PC requirements to make sure your machine will make the grade.

Battlefield 2042 breaks EA’s flagship shooter franchise out of its reverie for early 20th century combat by dropping players into a near-future conflict set in a world wracked by climate change and economic turmoil. Players take control of Specialist characters rather than archetypal classes, bringing their unique perks and equipment into battle along with customizable weaponry. Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S on November 19.

Hopefully Battlefield 2042 turns out to be an easy pick for our list of the best FPS games. 

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