Battlefield 2042 scoreboard overhaul coming in update next month

Battlefield 2042’s next two updates will overhaul the scoreboard, Portal XP, and much more.

Earlier today, the Battlefield Direct Communications Twitter account put out a tweet thread that begins just below, outlining changes coming to the shooter in update 3.2. However, the patch arriving tomorrow is chiefly focusing on stability issues, while update 3.3, which is scheduled to arrive next month, focuses on a wider variety of improvements.

Let’s talk about the next set of updates coming to #Battlefield2042 and what to expect in the coming weeksHere’s a thread with news on upcoming patches, Portal XP Changes, and updates on requested features like Scoreboard & Cross Platform VOIP 🧵👀 19, 2022

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One other aspect of tomorrow’s update 3.2 is an improvement to the Portal mode. With the new update, EA DICE will allow a greater variety of Portal game modes to advance Mastery and Weekly Missions, giving players greater rewards for sinking time into the player-created modes. XP gains were previously wiped from Portal, so this is a positive sign.

One of the big focuses of next month’s update, 3.3, is the reworked scoreboard, which you can get a glimpse of just below. The scoreboard was a sore point for players at launch, but this refresh should bring back a greater focus on how players are performing across the server, and it’ll even receive further updates and improvements later on.

Battlefield 2042

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EA DICE is also committing to improvements in general gameplay performance with February’s update 3.3. While the developer isn’t providing any specifics at the moment, they’re committing to “changes big and small” in every update, that’ll generally aim to tackle existing gameplay issues. It’s been a rocky start for Battlefield 2042, but this is a good step in the right direction.

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