Final Better Call Saul trailer bridges the gap between season 6 and Breaking Bad

The final trailer for Better Call Saul season 6, part 2 is here and it looks like we’ll be saying goodbye to Jimmy McGill – and hello to Saul Goodman.

The brief clip, which can be viewed above, features a black-and-white montage of important locations throughout the show including the inflatable Statue of Liberty outside of Jimmy’s office, the parking lot of his and Kim’s apartment, and the secret underground location in Gustavo Fring’s house.

At the end of the montage, we switch to a full-color scene of Saul Goodman getting ready for the day in his gold mansion with a voiceover says, “Let justice be done, though heavens fall.” Chuck recites this Latin legal phrase to Jimmy in season 3, episode 5, which is usually used in a positive context – meaning that justice will be made regardless of the consequences. The use of it in the trailer, and in Jimmy’s voice, feels a lot more ominous than positive. Somehow Jimmy is able to escape the mess he’s gotten himself into in season 6, part 1, escaping Lallo Salamanca’s clutches and becoming the wealthy lawyer he’s always wanted to be – before Walt and Jesse come on in and ruin it of course.

Episode 8 of Better Call Saul hits AMC on Monday, July 11th. The final episodes will air once a week leading up to the finale on August 15.

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