Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Skull and Bones development still going ahead according to leaker

Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Skull and Bones are apparently progressing well according to a leaker.

Just yesterday on November 14, known leaker Tom Henderson, who has had form with Battlefield 2042 leaks (opens in new tab) and Call of Duty leaks (opens in new tab) made several claims surrounding two Ubisoft games that have been missing in action for a fair few years now. Firstly, Henderson claimed that a developer on Beyond Good and Evil 2 had reached out to him, and assured him that the project was still in development, but at least “several years away” from release.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development – “it’s still several years away” said 1 developer that reached out after my BG&E2 tweets. I’ve heard of 2024-2025 date thrown around a bit. 14, 2021

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This news follows after a previous tweet, again from Henderson, claiming that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is in a bit of a “development crisis (opens in new tab).” Last week, Henderson claimed that a development source told him that they believe it’s only a matter of time until the sequel was canceled by Ubisoft, with the project in a bit of a messy state after the departure of director Michel Ancel last year. Now though, another one of Henderson’s sources appears to have countered that claim.

As for the other bit of news delivered yesterday by Henderson, the leaker claims that Skull and Bones is nearing its internal beta phase. The original time frame for this internal beta was in the first quarter of 2022, Henderson claims, and so this is an incredibly positive milestone for the beleaguered pirate game to have successfully hit.

Skull and Bones is entering it’s internal Beta “soon” – The time frame was indicated as Q1 2022.Maybe we’ll actually see it at E3 2022? 14, 2021

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Henderson believes there’s a chance we’ll see Skull and Bones at E3 2022 in June, but that’s merely speculation. Skull and Bones has been MIA for a few years now, with only several bits of development news from Ubisoft arriving earlier this year, when Ubisoft revealed in July that the pirate game had successfully passed the internal alpha phase.

In an earnings report last month (opens in new tab), Ubisoft announced that Skull and Bones would be arriving at some point between 2022 and 2023. The pirate game has been gestating in development for a long time, with reboots reportedly taking place over the last two years at Ubisoft’s Singapore studio. If Henderson’s claims are accurate, the end could finally be in sight for Skull and Bones.

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