Bloodborne 2, Bloodborne PS5, and Bloodborne PC port rumoured

Multiple Bloodborne projects, including a sequel and a PC port, could be in development at Demon’s Souls developer Bluepoint.

Speaking on the Xbox Era podcast (opens in new tab), Nick Baker said that “there’s been rumours floating around about Bluepoint and Bloodborne,” and that “I have been told by a couple of different sources a couple of different things about Bloodborne. I’ve been told there’s a PC port that’s already done. I believe Bluepoint is doing the sequel […] and I think Bluepoint might also be doing the console remaster of the first one.”

That sounds like a lot for one studio, and it’s worth pointing out that beyond a number of recent rumours, unsubstantiated word of various Bloodborne projects have been circling for many years, so there’s no guarantee that there’s any extra weight to the latest claims. 

That said, Bluepoint – which was recently acquired by Sony – has former Soulslike experience, having made the well-received PS5 port of Demon’s Souls. That would make it a prime candidate for bringing Bloodborne to PS5, at the very least. In combination with another recent Sony acquisition – porting specialist Nixxes – and the parent company’s desire to bring more of its games to PC, a PC port is also within the realms of possibility.

Perhaps the most out-there suggestion from Baker is the full sequel, but Bluepoint is said to be working on an original game and a remake. An original game isn’t necessarily the same as an original franchise, so Sony could be looking to leverage Bluepoint’s expertise on a new Bloodborne game, especially since FromSoftware is still working on Elden Ring. Without any confirmation from Sony, much of this is pure speculation, but perhaps fans of Yharnam should keep their eyes peeled.

Check out our list of upcoming PS5 games if you can’t wait to see what Bluepoint gets up to next.

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