A pack of Oreos in Blue Beetle is actually a reference to a Justice League member

Blue Beetle may namecheck both Batman and Superman during its runtime, but it’s also hiding references to other Justice League members – ones that don’t immediately jump out upon a first, second, or even third rewatch.

At a recent Q&A event hosted by Collider, director Angel Manuel Soto revealed that the Blue Beetle post-credits scene is hiding an incredible Easter egg, via a pack of Oreos.

“You see it at the end, there’s a stack of Oreos. And who likes to eat Oreos?” Soto asked during the Q&A. The audience responded in kind: Martian Manhunter.

Martian Manhunter, AKA J’onn J’onzz, is a prominent member of the Justice League who has telepathic abilities and can shapeshift. What you may not know, however, is J’onn has a craving for Oreos (otherwise known as the non-copyright-breaking Chocos in DC’s comics).

That, then, hints at Martian Manhunter being on the trail of the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord. That’s not the only Justice League reference here, however.

During the sequence charting the Scarab’s arrival on Earth at the beginning of the movie, a green light is briefly shown flashing across the cosmos. That’s not a coincidence.

“For those of you guys that follow the Blue Beetle comics, there’s a green light that hits this character, and that’s a Green Lantern,” Soto explains. “If you didn’t catch it, watch it again.”

Here are more of the biggest Blue Beetle Easter eggs, plus an answer to whether Blue Beetle is in the DCU and a look ahead to DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters.


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