Bully 2 could be in the works despite GTA 6 reveal

Bully 2 is still thought to be in the works, despite the recent confirmation that GTA 6 is in development at Rockstar.

In conversation with Twitter account @Bully2Source, known leaker Tom Henderson confirmed that he stands by the statement “there’s something going on with the Bully series,” despite a Grand Theft Auto project being in the works. In December, he tweeted that a sequel to Bully was going to be a surprise reveal at The Game Awards and that a playable version had been made. With the rumoured reveal not taking place, we currently have no evidence that it is in the works. 

Sorry – Where did todays announcement say that it’s Rockstar’s next focus point? They said GTA 6 is in development. I still standby that there’s something going on with the Bully series.February 4, 2022

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Originally released over 15 years ago for the PlayStation 2, fans have been asking for a sequel to Rockstar’s school based Grand Theft Auto style beat ’em up, Bully, ever since its original release. With last week’s announcement from the UK based development studio that Grand Theft Auto 6 was “well underway”, Bully devotees began to lose heart that the rumoured sequel was still in the works.

In 2019, Grand Theft Auto Online had an Easter egg in its casino update which pointed to a sequel reveal, leading fans to expect more information to follow. However, many were disappointed when sources close to Rockstar said that the project was previously in the works, but has since been cancelled. Henderson suggests that the project he refers to is in fact completely separate from the cancelled project.

The last time Rockstar confirmed that a Bully sequel could happen was back in 2011, where it seemed possible but still a low priority for the developers. Since then popularity of its other gaming franchises – Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption – has skyrocketed, leading to Bully being left in obscurity.

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