Capcoms zany dino shooter Exoprimal has beta players divided on PvP

Exoprimal reactions are coming in following a closed beta session – and it turns out players aren’t fond of the PvP aspect.

Capcom held a closed beta session for Exoprimal, its dinosaur crisis shooter that definitely isn’t Dino Crisis, over the past weekend. Fans have headed to social media and forums to share their initial reactions to what they played in the short session, and there are definitely some who don’t like the PvP part of the new shooter.

“I really hope there’s more than just this weird PvPvE hybrid mode in the full game or I’m out,” wrote one Reddit post (opens in new tab) on the Exoprimal subreddit. “PVP is dumb and bad, let me shoot dinos,” wrote another (opens in new tab). “I hate that this game is PvP,” rounded out a third post (opens in new tab).

The ensuing comments underneath all three posts broadly agree with the initial assertions. Exoprimal players at large seem to be saying that although the new Capcom game has a hell of a lot of promise, and in parts is even fun when battling the actual dinosaurs themselves, it’s the PvP aspect which is currently letting the side down.

A lot of people definitely want to be able to focus purely on the PvE aspect of Exoprimal, which involves teams of five players going to work stopping dinosaur invasions of Earth. Some are even hoping there’s a campaign involved in the final game, which we just found out over the past weekend will be a fully-priced retail game at launch (thanks, IGN (opens in new tab)). 

Exoprimal is still on course to launch next year in 2023, so there’s still plenty of time for Capcom to listen and respond to player feedback. 

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