Captain America and the Avengers face off with the Eternals ahead of Marvels Judgment Day

Marvel Comics’ upcoming summer event Judgment Day is being teased as a showdown between the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Eternals – and just-released information/art from April’s Eternals #11 shows what could be the first shot in this three-way war.

Esad Ribić’s Eternals #11 cover features the Avengers’ Captain America fending off a sword strike from the Eternals’ Kingo. Eternals #11 will be written by series writer Kieron Gillen, and drawn by Guiu Villanova, who has been a guest artist before on this series alongside regular series artist Esad Ribić.

Eternals #11 cover

Eternals #11 cover (Image credit: Esad Ribić (Marvel Comics))

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The face-off apparently comes after the Eternals’ planned “pilgrimage” to their race’s sacred site, the dead body of Progenitor, and come in conflict with a group who have turned it into their headquarters.

The Avengers.

As revealed in the recent Eternals: Celestia, the Eternals feel the Avengers turning one of their holiest sites into a headquarters is desecrating it, but have held off in confronting the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes over it. But the Eternals will have reason to visit the site nonetheless in the upcoming Eternals #10, and apparently things don’t go well from the sounds of April’s Eternals #11.

According to Marvel, Captain America and the Avengers are done with secrets and demand explanations from the Eternals.

As to what secrets Marvel is referring to we still don’t know. Eternals mythology has been significantly rewritten in the past few years and the secrets could be related to the true nature of the Celestials and their role in the universe that maybe the Avengers believe they’ve always withheld. Maybe it’s just over the headquarters. 

Either way, it’s enough for Marvel to declare the Avengers and Eternals are now “enemies.”

For those curious as to what’s happening, the good news is we don’t have to wait completely until April 13’s Eternals #11 or March 9’s Eternals #10, as Eternals #9 goes on sale this January 19 and might have some clues to what’s coming.

Judgment Day is being built up as one of the biggest Marvel events to date, but it has a high bar to match up to – specifically, the most impactful Marvel events of all time. 

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