Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy to co-star in movie about Afghanistan evacuation

Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy are set to star in a new movie about the evacuation of Afghanistan, Deadline (opens in new tab) reports.

Set during the US evacuation of Afghanistan in August 2021, the movie is based on true events that made headlines at the time and it will follow three former special forces team members who head back into the fray on a mission to save families and allies left behind. There’s no word yet on who will play the third special forces member alongside Tatum and Hardy, who are also on board as producers.

The movie will be directed by George Nolfi, who helmed 2011’s The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, and 2020’s The Banker for Apple TV Plus. He’s also penned the scripts for movies including Ocean’s Twelve and The Bourne Ultimatum

Meanwhile, Tatum will next star in the comedy Dog, which he’s also co-directing with Reid Carolin. He’s also set to star in the adventure comedy The Lost City with Sandra Bullock and the sci-fi drama Spaceman alongside Adam Sandler.

As for Hardy, he last appeared in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, reprising the role of Eddie Brock for the sequel, and he can next be seen in Havoc, an action thriller from The Raid director Gareth Evans that will also star Forest Whitaker and Timothy Olyphant.

While we wait for the untitled war movie to arrive on our screens, fill out your watch list with our picks of the best Netflix movies to stream right now.

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