Cheap gaming monitor deals: save up to $130 on HP 1440p displays

If you’ve been eyeing up some cheap gaming monitor deals recently, it’s worth noting that HP is currently offering substantial discounts on its line of high refresh rate Omen gaming monitors for a limited time. If you’ve held off on getting yourself one of the best gaming monitors around, now could be the perfect time to finally pull the trigger ahead of Black Friday gaming monitor deals

The highlight of these particular gaming monitor deals has to be the HP Omen X 27 which is currently selling for $519.99 (reduced from its usual $650 listing price) (opens in new tab). This is one of the better prices that we have seen on this particular display, as it tends to go out of stock fairly quickly. There’s a lot to recommend the HP Omen X 27 for at first glance: its 240Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync 2 technology come to mind, but the rich DCI-93 90% color gamut has us intrigued most of all. 

At the same time, for a more modest asking price, the HP X27i is hard to beat with its discount of $299.99 (down from $380) (opens in new tab), taking it just below the $300 mark. That’s one of the better cheap gaming monitor deals that we’ve come across given the QHD resolution, IPS panel type, and 144Hz refresh rate. Of course, it’s not all about 1440p, the HP X24c may be priced firmly in the budget range, but it’s one of the better 1080p monitor deals at $214.99 (reduced from $240) (opens in new tab) you can get right now. 

Today’s best gaming monitor deals

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HP X24c | $240 $214.99 at HP (opens in new tab)
Save $26 –
It’s not one of the deepest discounts we’ve ever seen, but at just over the $200 mark we think that it’s a more than fair rate for what you’re getting (especially considering the extra features of this 1080p gaming monitor). It’s an exceptional price for a curved gaming monitor with a VA panel type, too. 

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HP X27i gaming monitor | $380 $299.99 at HP (opens in new tab)
Save $80 –  It’s fairly uncommon to find QHD gaming monitors for under $300 on any given day, especially with a 144Hz frame rate. With these considerations made, the HP X27i is one of the cheapest ways to experience not only 1440p resolution but an ultrawide gaming format as well. 

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HP Omen X 27 gaming monitor | $650 $519.99 at HP (opens in new tab)
Save $130. This is one of the best prices that we have seen on the HP Omen X 27 so far this year, especially when considering its pedigree as a 240Hz 1440p gaming monitor. Normally in this price range, we see frame rates as high as this reserved mostly for Full HD displays, and often lacking a decent color gamut, too. 

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