CM Punk says more comics are in his future, and he already has a creator-owned offer on the table

Wrestler/actor CM Punk spent some of his time away from wrestling writing comic books for DC and Marvel, and although he’s an active wrestler once again his comic writing career isn’t over.

In fact, he says he has a standing offer from an unnamed comic book publisher to do a creator-owned project.

Master of Kung Fu #126 cover

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“Marvel has never asked me to do anything creator-owned, but I have had other companies… there’s a standing offer out there so I can do creator-owned books,” Punk says during an episode of the AEW Unrestricted (opens in new tab) podcast. “I just don’t, especially now, have the time… but it’s always in the back of my head.”

A lifelong comic book fan (particularly of the Thing), Punk made his Marvel Comics debut with the introduction to the 2012 hardcover edition of Avengers vs. X-Men (opens in new tab). He went on to co-write 2015’s Thor Annual #1 (opens in new tab) and a Drax (opens in new tab) series for Marvel and a story in 2015’s Strange Sports Stories #3 anthology for DC. His first solo-written comic was 2017’s Master of Kung Fu #126 (opens in new tab).

“It was fun, but writing is a different kind of pressure and I don’t do well with deadlines,” Punk says. “I’m positive I’ll do more and I’ll get back to it, but right now it’s a little busy; I have more than one job, and it’s a little tough.”

In addition to actively wrestling (and commentating) for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), he is active as an actor under his real name of Phil Brooks. He has appeared in the films Jakob’s Wife (opens in new tab), Rabid, and Girl of the Third Floor (opens in new tab), as well as the TV series Heels and Maron.

CM Punk is part of a long history of celebrities trying their hand creating comics. 

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