Cryptic leak could be another hint at The Last of Us remake

More rumors surrounding a The Last of Us remake have surfaced online and fans have never been more convinced of the game’s existence. 

Another day, another rumour. This time however, it’s incredibly cryptic. Twitter user @insider_wtf (opens in new tab) – who somehow previously predicted every single game to make an appearance (opens in new tab) during the PlayStation State of Play last week – has put out a tweet with what appears to be a hint towards a The Last of Us remake. 

The tweet in question literally just contains the words: “PART 1” alongside what looks like a date of September 2, 2022, as well as a laptop and gaming controller emoji – implying that the game will release on PC and consoles. This is all the context we’ve been given so this could mean anything, but it looks like, from the replies to the tweet, this could be a hint towards the long-awaited The Last of Us remake. 

PART 1 – 02.09.2022 🎮/💻June 8, 2022

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In any other circumstance, we’d probably not pay much attention to a tweet as vague as this, but there’s been so much talk about this project being announced by Naughty Dog soon, it’s hard to ignore. Just this year, we’ve heard that The Last of Us remake is reportedly releasing in “holiday 2022” (which is a little further away than the newly proposed September release date) and that PlayStation Studios Visual Arts might be working on the project. We’ve also seen traces of the remake on a Naughty Dog employee’s LinkedIn page. 

Although all of these hints have us convinced that we’ll be getting some kind of The Last of Us project in the near future, it’s important to remember that neither PlayStation nor its studios (Naughty Dog or PlayStation Studios Visual Arts) have ever actually announced a remake was in the works, so everything we’re sharing here should be taken with a grain of salt. 

UPDATE: Turns out the rumors were true as The Last of Us Part 1 was leaked by PlayStation ahead of Summer Game Fest 2022. 

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