DC celebrates the late, great artist George Pérez with poster portfolio this November

In November, DC will release an oversized special celebrating the life of legendary artist George Pérez, who died in May at age 67. DC Poster Portfolio: George Pérez will feature 42 pages of covers, including art from The New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and more.

DC Poster Portfolio: George Pérez

DC Poster Portfolio: George Pérez (Image credit: DC)

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Per the solicit text, this poster collection presents “a fraction of the work by this beloved illustrator whose art has touched the hearts of comics fans around the world for generations.” 

Pérez got his start in comics in the early ’70s at Marvel Comics, where he penciled back-up stories in titles like Astonishing Tales and Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu. He co-created Puerto Rican superhero White Tiger with writer Bill Mantlo, and went on to become the regular Avengers artist where he co-created Taskmaster. 

Following runs on major Marvel titles Fantastic Four and Inhumans, Pérez moved to DC, where he rose to prominence as the lead artist on Crisis on Infinite Earths. He would continue to work for both of the Big Two for the next several decades.

Pérez announced a terminal cancer diagnosis in December 2021 and his May 6 death was announced on his Facebook page (opens in new tab). The post said he passed away “peacefully at home with his wife [Carol] of 490 months and family by his side. He was not in pain and knew he was very, very loved.”

DC Poster Portfolio: George Pérez will be available November 1.

Read more about Pérez and his prolific comics career, as well as its impact.

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