Dead by Daylight Resident Evil crossover characters get new skins

Dead by Daylight’s Resident Evil crossover characters now have some brand new looks to collect.

Just yesterday on October 28, Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight announced the next venture in their ongoing collaboration through a new blog post: new skins. Nemesis, Leon S. Kennedy, and Jill Valentine all have new outfits each for you to unlock in Dead by Daylight right now, and you can preview the new skins in the trailer just below.

⭐Legendary characters.👔 Iconic outfits.🧟 Blighted Nemesis.The #ResidentEvil Collection and Nemesis Blight Set are available now in @DeadByBHVR! #DeadbyDaylight #DbD🌿 28, 2021

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Heading up the bunch is the “Blighted” outfit for Nemesis, which has the monster pulsating at the seams with weird infections. Next there’s the Persistent Investigator and Chris Redfield outfits for Leon, the former of which gives him his recognizable Resident Evil 4 getup, and finally, there’s the Impervious Agent and Claire Redfield skins for Jill Valentine players. 

The addition of the Chris and Claire Redfield skins for Leon and Jill is actually in response to the Dead by Daylight development team finding it tough to choose which two Resident Evil characters to bring over as Survivors. The dev team ultimately settled on Leon and Jill, who joined the game with Nemesis earlier this year, but the new skins let Chris and Claire join in the fun too. The Chris and Claire Redfield skins were actually first added to Dead by Daylight earlier this year, but they’re back in time for Halloween.

Dead by Daylight has been on an absolute tear over the past few years, accumulating horror icons from across decades to join its expanding roster. Hellraiser’s Pinhead joined the horror game last month in September, and Silent Hill’s Pyramid enter the fray in 2020, but unfortunately the Stranger Things crossover content is exiting Dead by Daylight later this year in November. Still, with a roster including Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, and Hellraise characters, there’s enough iconic characters for all.

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