Dead by Daylight free on Epic Games Store next week

Dead by Daylight will headline the free Epic Games Store titles for next week.

Behaviour Interactive’s multiplayer survival horror game will be entirely free through the Epic Games Store next week (via VGC (opens in new tab)), beginning November 3. Joining Dead by Daylight will be While True: Learn (), a puzzle game revolving around neural networks and big tech infrastructures (and also your cat).

Right now, theHunter: Call of the Wild and the Antstream – Epic Welcome Pack are free on the Epic Games Store, and will be until December 2. Dead by Daylight is a very different sort of offering to either of these current titles, and hopefully this means an influx of brand new players to Behaviour Interactive’s shared-world online horror game.

Dead by Daylight has been going from strength to strength over the last year, hosting a variety of guest characters as well as introducing its own nefarious creations. A new chapter for Behaviour Interactive’s game is slated to arrive this month, introducing a ghostly Chilean painter and an FBI agent to the ongoing carnage. 

Elsewhere, Hellraiser’s Pinhead was added to Dead by Daylight as the latest crossover character back in September. This fiendish foe delights in sticking pins through people, as you might have guessed from the name, and follows in a long line of guest characters, including the likes of Jill and Leon from Resident Evil, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, Bill from Left4Dead, and so many others besides.

If you’re looking for some other excellent scares at this time of the year, head over to our best horror games guide for more.

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