Death Stranding Directors Cut PC release date and upgrade cost revealed

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is coming to PC in just over two months’ time.

The release date for Kojima Productions’ re-release was announced overnight, confirming it’ll be here in a little over two months from now. Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be available on PC via both Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 30, and it’ll carry just a $10 upgrade cost for players of the base game.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut originally launched for the PS5 last year in September, originally billed as a PS5 exclusive. The re-release added in a bunch of technical bells and whistles, like a 60 frames per second performance upgrade, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback for the PS5’s DualSense controller, and much more.

On the PC side of things, the Director’s Cut will add ultra-wide monitor support, as well as Xe Super Sampling. Right now, it’s not entirely clear if the PC version of the re-release will boast an uncapped frame rate, but we at least know it’ll run at the boosted 60FPS at the very minimum.

Additionally, Death Stranding Director’s Cut also adds a slate of new gameplay features for a new audience on PC. There’s new items like the Mazer Gun to take into the field, and a full-blown racing minigame, as well as a new series of story-related missions to undertake as Sam Porter Bridges. All this for $10 is a pretty great deal, even if Hideo Kojima isn’t quite satisfied with the naming convention.

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