How to start the new Death Stranding Directors Cut missions

Wondering where the new Death Stranding missions are in the Director’s Cut? Don’t worry, they are very Kojima in that they’re hidden away and can only accessed in a certain way that’s easy to miss, and require you jumping though some hoops to get you started. If you haven’t played for a while it is not obvious, and without help the new Death Stranding Director’s Cut missions can be hard to find. So let’s deal with that and help you find all the new stuff sooner, rather than later.

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How to start the new Death Stranding Director’s Cut missions

how to transfer a Death Stranding PS4 save to PS5

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If you’re starting the Death Stranding Director’s Cut from a fresh save you’ll have to complete the first eight missions before you can access the new quests. However, if you’re starting from an exported PS4 save and likely well past that point, Die-Hardman will appear with a message as soon as you load up. 

However the new Death Stranding Director’s Cut missions can only be accessed from the Distribution Center West of Capitol Knot City in the Eastern Region. It can be easy to miss that bit and without that knowledge be a bit lost working out what to do next. So, before you can start you’ll need to get there, either by travel or Fragile Jump. 

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Once you’re at the Distribution Center you’ll be able to collect the mission ‘Collection: Cargo Discovered in the Ruined Factory’. You’ll notice it says a Maser gun is recommended but don’t worry as you’ll be given one when you accept the job. 

death stranding new mission

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Now all you have to do is reach the area on the map. To get there leave the Distribution Center and head out to the right. You can see the marker on the map for guidance but also look out for the ruined structure on top the the mountain as a landmark – that’s the Ruined Factory you’re heading for. It’s near the Luden’s Fan bunker. 

death stranding new mission

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At the top you’ll be able to fight some Mules and test the Maser. Once they’re all gone head inside the structure. You won’t be able to open the door you find inside at this point, so just get the Ruined Factory data from the post box next to it. 

This will basically start the new Death Stranding missions in the Director’s Cut. Take the data back to the Distribution Center and you’ll be able to pick up a new mission to back to the Ruined Factory, this time with the door open and get more data, and so on. At this point you just have to follow the objectives to see the new missions and unlock the new stuff that comes with it like music and BB pod customization. 

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