Deathverse: Let It Die trailer shows online melee action on PS5 and PS4

Deathverse: Let It Die is a new online action game with big dystopian energy.

The new project is coming to PS4 and PS5 in spring 2022, as announced at the PlayStation State of Play broadcast on Wednesday evening. Deathverse takes place in the same freaky alternate universe as Let It Die, though it rolls the timeline hundreds of years into the future. It looks like things are still extremely dire in this world, though, and judging by the start of the trailer your old skull-faced pal Uncle Death is still alive and kick-flipping.

While Grasshopper Manufacture was directly involved in the creation of the first game, the studio is no longer part of GungHo and doesn’t seem to involved with this next chapter. Either way, it looks like GungHo and Supertrick Games are aiming to carry Grasshopper’s trademark exploitation film vibes into Let It Die’s far future.

The trailer follows a pair of idiosyncratic hosts as they narrate the action between players: each contestant brings their own unique melee weaponry to the game where “survival is the only rule”, with the arsenal including katanas, buzzsaws, a giant hammer, and more. It looks as if you’ll rack up “likes” by pulling off certain impressive moves such as diving straight onto your opponents or pulling off flashy finishers.

While much of the trailer is focused on PvP action, Gungho has confirmed that you’ll have even more threats to attend to: mutated creatures called Uma inhabit Deathverse’s island stage, and “nigh-invincible Hunters” will descend to start harrying players halfway through each match.

We also got a new look at Little Devil Inside during the State of Play, featuring cute maps and less-cute impalement. 

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