Demons Souls guide and everything thing you need to survive

A Demon’s Souls guide is a handy thing to have around if you’re trying to get to grips with the original Souls challenge. Just because it’s been remade for PS5 doesn’t mean it’s any less forgiving – this is not a task you ever want to undertake lightly. It’s full of tricky or poorly explained systems to understand and master, tough bosses that can kill you in an instant, all sorts of secrets that can hide vital items away in hard to reach corners. 

To help you with all that we’ve got 10 Demon’s Souls guides here that will help you deal with whatever the game throws at you – from basic tips to get you started, to a full walkthrough from start to finish. There’s help with bosses, weapon explainers and plenty more. So if you’re having trouble with anything, we can probably help. 

Basic tips

demon's souls walkthough

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With a game this big and complex just getting started can be a task. These Demon’s Souls tips will give you a good overview of some basics you need to get off on a good foot. They’ll help you create a decent character and make your first tentative steps into the world you’re about to call home for a while. 

Full walkthrough

Demon's Souls tips

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You got a long way to go before the credits roll and some tough obstacles along the way. Our Demon’s Souls walkthrough will make sure you’re always heading in the right direction and make sure you don’t miss anything vital along the way. It won’t make things easier but it will ensure you don’t waste any time trying a bad route or not finding a game changing weapon.  

 How to level up

Demon souls level up

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You’d think knowing how to level up in Demon’s Souls would be obvious but no. There are steps you need to complete before you can, and if you don’t know what they are it’s possible you could waste hours wandering the opening level in search of an explanation. Save time and make sure you know what to do.

The Monumental 

Demon's Souls PS5 monumental

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One very early task you’ll encounter is to find the Demon’s Souls monumental. However, after a very dramatic camera pan to an arch, the game doesn’t tell you anymore. It shouldn’t take too long to work out what and where a monumental is, but save time with our help. 

What starting gift to pick

Demon's Souls PS5 starting gift

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Before you even get started making your character you’ll be asked to pick a Demon’s Souls starting gift. It’s easy to stress out at all the options, worried that you’ll somehow not pick the absolute best thing. Don’t panic, check out this guide which will explain why there’s only really one correct answer.  

World Tendency explained

Demon's Souls world tendancy

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Of all the in-game systems, the idea behind the Demon’s Souls World Tendency mechanic is probably one of the tougher to get to grips with. Mainly because the game barely mentions it (there’s three little messages outlining the concept tucked away in the Nexus). However, if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s possible to make the game way, way harder for yourself. Avoid that by going in pre-warned. 

Boss guide 

demon's souls walkthough

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There are a lot of different enemies to defeat so a Demon’s Souls boss guide is a handy way to prepare for the various threats and dangers ahead. Some bosses can go down incredibly easy if you’re prepared and some can be outright cheesed. Find out how to tackle them all here.  

Weapon stats explainer

Demon's Souls weapons stats

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Understanding Demon’s Souls weapon stats isn’t easy, The menus display symbols for the basic stats that affect them and not all are improved by strength. Some require high dexterity or magic to be effective. Depending on what sort of character build you’re using some weapons can be amazing and others rubbish. Plan ahead with out help and decide what you’re going to wield before you throw away a bunch of souls leveling up in the wrong direction. 

Best Classes

Demons Souls PS5 class

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While there are a lot of options for pros and anyone that fancies a challenge, there are only really three best Demon’s Souls Class options. Here, we go over the ones you should really pick if you’re going in for the first time, as well has cover all the other choices you have if you fancy trying something different.  

Best weapons

Demon's Souls tips

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What the best Demon’s Souls weapons are is very subjective. It all depends on how you want to play and where you’ve leveled up your character. However, there are some very prominent pieces of gear that nearly all regular players recommend. Knowing they exist is one thing though, knowing where to find them is another, so check out what and where to get the stuff that could make all the difference. 

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