Blizzard confirms Diablo 4s campaign will last around 35 hours

Diablo 4’s game director has confirmed that the main campaign is around 35 hours long. 

Blizzard treated us to a look at Diablo 4 during this year’s Xbox and Bethesda Summer Game Fest showcase, with a trailer that showed the action-RPG running on new-gen hardware and sporting a considerably darker tone. The game’s set to release on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2023, and last-gen consoles aren’t being overlooked with PS4 and Xbox One versions also on the way. Following the event, GameSpot (opens in new tab) spoke with game director Joe Shely who shared more details on Diablo 4 including confirmation of the campaign’s length and the level cap. 

Shely revealed that Diablo 4 will take around 35 hours to complete. Elaborating on the campaign, he describes it as an experience that’s “brimming with story and characters that are really human and you can really connect with on an emotional level. We’ve worked really hard on the campaign in Diablo 4, and we’re really proud of how it’s developing,” he adds.

Naturally, there’s a lot more to do off the beaten track; as Rod Fergusson, general manager of the Diablo franchise, explains, “The story is non-linear, so you can choose how to play out the story. You’re in a shared open world, you can choose to go exploring instead of doing the story if you want to. You can go anywhere you want within Sanctuary and go do dungeons or go do other things and take on a world boss or go do local events, so you have choice there.” 

Shely estimates that players will be around level 45 by the end of the campaign, but your character can go all the way up to level 100. And the team is implementing plenty of punishing endgame activities to truly test your skills, including Nightmare Dungeons and the Tree of Whispers which offers “frequently cycling world objectives and bounties that deliver rewards of Legendary gear, experience, crafting materials, and more”. 

Xbox and Bethesda put on an impressive show at Summer Game Fest 2022, with surprise announcements such as a new Hideo Kojima game and the Persona series making their way to Xbox. We also finally got an in-depth look at Starfield, which will let you build your own spaceship to explore its mind-bogglingly large universe consisting of 100 star systems and over 1000 planets

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