The Best Diablo Immortal classes to pick when you play

Right now the best Diablo Immortal classes are the Barbarian, the Crusader and the Wizard, with the others requiring a little more practice and thought to get to the same place. That’s not to say that the Necromancer, Monk and Demon Hunter can’t be powerful figures in Diablo Immortal – you’d think the last of them would be perfect, considering – they just need a little more effort to reach the same kinds of power that the first three get to much more easily.

Still, a lot of it does come down to personal preference – melee or ranged, damage or defense, strategy versus simplicity. The different classes in Diablo Immortal all serve different niches, and at the end of the day, your level of skill is more important than the class itself, as a player who understand the limits and strengths of their class can pull even more out of it than normal. Whatever you want and whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got more detail on the best Diablo Immortal classes below, including a ranked tier list and details on how to play each one.

The best Diablo Immortal classes tier list 

  1. Crusader
  2. Barbarian
  3. Wizard
  4. Monk
  5. Necromancer
  6. Demon Hunter

From our time playing, our Diablo Immortal class tier list top picks are the Barbarian, Crusader and Wizard more or less as a top three. The Barbarian and Crusader are broadly the same thing – tanky, melee damage dealers who can take a beating while taking the enemy apart. The main difference is that the Barbarian has healing abilities where it can turn damage into health, while the Crusader forgoes that ability in favour of more ranged attacks and areas of effect abilities. 

The Wizard, on the other hand, is a great damage dealer as long as you can keep them at range. They can’t take much of a beating, so you don’t want them in the thick of it. But, by layering on piles of powerful magical attacks, they can easily decimate everything on the screen. 

The Demon Hunter, Monk and Necromancer all have their strengths but maybe aren’t the best, as they either have a fine balance of pros and cons to master (the Monk and Necromancer). Or just have a better option: if you want the range the Demon Hunter offers, the Wizard is just a better choice. 

Coming up we’ve got them all explained in more detail, starting with our top three Diablo Immortal classes: the Barbarian, Crusader and Wizard. 

Diablo Immortal Barbarian

Diablo immortal classes

(Image credit: Activision)

Unsurprisingly, the Diablo Immortal Barbarian is a tank that can take loads of hits while dishing out the damage. The key to using them well is getting in the middle of the action, as their lacerate attack also heals them. That means you want to be in the thick of it, hitting as many enemies as possible to keep topping up your health. Early skills like Hammer of the Ancients and Cleave let you pound multiple enemies, creating even more reason to surround yourself with enemies and start wailing. And, if you can’t get close enough, the Chained Spear will pull distant enemies into you. High level attacks continue to focus on melee attacks and healing through damage inflicted. 

Barbarian Primary Attacks

Lacerate, level 1
A series of attacks that deal damage, with every third hit healing you for 15% of damage dealt.

Frenzy, level 34
A high damage attack frenzy that boosts attack speed with each hit.

Barbarian Skills

Cleave, level 1
A sweeping attacks that deals damage and adds a bleed effect.

Hammer of the Ancients, level 1
A massive area of effect hammer blow that also shakes the ground to deal damage over time. 

Chained Spear, level 4
Fire three chained spears that deal damage and drag impaled enemies towards you.

Whirlwind, level 8
Launch a spinning mobile attack that damages in all directions.

Sprint, level 15
Inflict damage as you move.

Furious Charge, level 20
Move forwards, knocking back and damaging any enemies you hit

Leap, level 28
Jump to an area damaging all nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed.

Demoralise, level 38
A shout that deals damage to enemies and makes them attack you. It also reduces their damage output. 

Ground Stomp, level 41
An area attack that damages and stuns enemies.

Undying Rage, level 44
Prevents you from dying for a short time, while causing all attacks to heal you for 30% of damage done.

Grab, level 47
Grab a nearby enemy to use as a weapon. You can also throw them. 

Wrath of the Berserker, level 50
Increase your movement and attack speed. 

Diablo Immortal Crusader

Diablo immortal classes

(Image credit: Activision)

The Crusader is a sort of tanky battle mage, mixing high damage melee with ranged magic attacks. They lack the healing abilities of the Barbarian, and instead use skills like Spinning Shield to damage enemies at range. While they’re competent and hardy in direct melee combat, most of their best skills inflict targeted area damage, making them good at crowd control and dealing with mobs. 

Crusader Primary Attacks

Punish, level 1
Deal damage to an enemy while briefly increasing your block chance

Sacred Fire, level 34
Add holy fire to your weapon’s attack and deal additional damage to enemies in areas ahead of you.

Crusader Skills

Spinning Shield, level 1
Throw your shield, damaging every enemy it hits and pulling them in as it returns.

Sweep Attack, level 1
Use a charged flail attack to damage enemies in front of you. Can be charged to increase damage and knock back enemies at full power. 

Shield Glare, level 3
Deal damage to enemies and blind them for a short time. 

Falling Sword, level 8
Fire your sword at a location to deal area damage and then jump to the sword to deal additional damage on landing as you retrieve it. 

Draw and Quarter, level 15
Use a celestial war horse to increase movement speed and attack, while chains bind and drag up to eight enemies for extra damage. Also removes all movement impairments. 

Consecration, level 20
Bless the ground around you, dealing damage to all enemies inside the area. 

Judgement, level 28
‘Judge’ all the enemies in a given area, dealing damage and slowing them. The area centre will also explode after a short time for additional damage. 

Holy Banner, level 38
Place a banner that increases allies critical change but decreases critical damage. 

Shield Charge, level 41
Charge forward, damaging all enemies in your path.

Sacred Chain, level 44
Throw out chains that move between enemies damaging and stunning them. (Stun effect removed by damage.)

Condemn, level 47
A chargeable explosion that damages all nearby enemies.

Conjuration of Light, level 50
A beam of holy light that makes you and your allies invulnerable for a short duration.

Diablo Immortal Wizard

Diablo immortal classes

(Image credit: Activision)

The wizard is a powerful, ranged damage dealer but a very squishy one. All of their attacks inflict damage over a distance which is vital as they really need to avoid taking damage. They can conjure up a barrage of magical attacks that can destroy enemies incredibly fast but need things like a teleport to get away or ice armor to soak up damage, as they really can’t take much of a beating. 

Wizard Primary Attacks

Magic Missile, level 1
Fire a magic projectile to inflict damage on a target.

Electrocute, level 34
Fires lighting that damages and chains between enemies.

Wizard Skills

Arcane Wind, level 1
Fires out a wind blast that damages enemies and knocks them back. Can be charged to increase damage and range. 

Scorch, level 1
Sends out a fireball that damages and knocks back enemies while setting the ground beneath it on fire for additional damage. 

Lighting Nova, level 3
Fires ten balls of lightning away from you that then return, damaging enemies in both directions. 

Ray of Frost, level 8
Fires an ice beam in a direction damaging and freezing enemies it hits. 

Teleport, level 15
A short range teleport in the direction you’re facing. Has three charges. 

Ice Crystal, level 20
Summons an ice crystal at a given location that damages and freezes enemies over time before exploding for extra damage. 

Disintegrate, level 28
A beam of directable energy that inflicts stacking damage over time. 

Black Hole, level 38
Creates a back hole that draws in and damages enemies.

Meteor, level 41
Calls down a meteor that damages and stuns enemies in the impact area, and sets the ground on fire to inflict additional damage. 

Ice Armor, level 44
Creates a protective Ice barrier that shatters after a while to inflict damage on nearby enemies. 

Arcane Torrent, level 47
Fires numerous magic projectiles that deal damage to enemies in an area. 

Slow Time, level 50
Create an area of slowed time that reduces attack and movement speed of affected enemies. 

Diablo Immortal Monk

Diablo immortal classes

(Image credit: Activision)

The monk is a high damage melee class that uses mobility and teleporting attacks to damage enemies and relocate themselves in battle. Their strength comes from combining these abilities to attack many enemies as quickly as possible. For example early skills like the Cyclone Strike damages can draw enemies in, which can then be combined with the Seven Sided Strike to further damage all enemies in the area. Getting the best out of this character involves thinking of movement as damage. It’s not the toughest class though, so while you need to get into a crowd to be effective, you also need to master getting out again. 

Monk Primary Attacks

Fist of Thunder, level 1
A teleporting punch that jumps you to an enemy for three hits before you can teleport again. 

Deadly Reach, level 34
A ranged attack that damages a target and transmits partial damage to enemies behind it. 

Monk Skills

Cyclone Strike, level 1
A chargeable attack that pulls in enemies and deals damage. 

Flying Kick, level 1
A targeted, ranged kick that damages enemies and knocks them away.

Seven Sided Strike, level 3
Move rapidly within an area to damage the enemies contained within it. 

Wave Strike, level 8
A chargeable wave of energy that carries enemies and explodes to damage all nearby enemies at the end. 

Mystic Strike, level 15
Dash forward leaving a spirit behind that follows after a brief pause to pull enemies to you and damage them. 

Exploding Palm, level 20
A directed attack that damages enemies and inflicts bleed damage. Enemies killed by bleeding explode and damage others. 

Shield of Zen, level 28
A shield that can be used by the Monk or given to an ally and absorbs damage for a short time. Using it on an ally transports you to their location and gives you both the shield. 

Inner Sanctuary, level 38
Places a circle of protection that reduces damage to you and your allies. 

Wave of Light, level 41
Fires out a wave of light that damages enemies.

Imprisoned Fist, level 44
An attack that damages and immobilises the enemy it strikes. 

Flying Dragon, level 47
A flying attack that pulls in enemies and damages them when you reach the end. 

Mystic Allies, level 50
Summons two spirits to fight alongside you.

Diablo Immortal Necromancer

Diablo immortal classes

(Image credit: Activision)

The Necromancer is a tricky class to use but potentially a powerful one if you can master their style of indirect attack. Most notably, they are accompanied by two skeletal minions that attack enemies for them, as well as commanding the ability to summon turret-like mages. Interestingly, they can create corpse piles that can be detonated like bombs or used to fire bone javelins at enemies. While it relies on good timing and placement, this last ability can create swathes of enemy-clearing damage. 

Necromancer primary attacks

Soulfire, level 1
Fires an explosive ball that inflicts splash damage when it strikes an enemy. 

Bone Spear, level 34
Fire a spear that can pierce and damage additional enemies.

Necromancer Skills

Command Skeletons, level 1
Make your skeleton minions charge to a specific location, causing a short increase to attack speed. 

Grim Scythe, level 1
Slash an area in front of you, damaging enemies hit and turning a maximum of two into corpses if killed.

Corpse Explosion, level 3
Detonate all the corpses in a designated area, damaging enemies caught in the blast. Enemies hit by multiple explosions take additional damage.

Bone Spikes, level 8
A chargeable attack that draws bone spikes from the ground to damage enemies. Charging increases range. 

Wraith Form, level 15
Transform into a ghost for increased speed and invulnerability for a short period. You can’t attack in this form.  

Skeletal Mage, level 20
Summons an immobile skeletal mage that acts like a turret, firing soulfire in a set direction. 

Bone Wall, level 28
Summon a wall of bone that blocks all enemies and projectiles. 

Corpse Lance, level 38
Summon projectiles from corpses to impale enemies. 

Bone Armor, level 41
Bone shields that protect you and allies.

Dark Curse, level 44
Curse enemies in an area to damage them over time and reduce their vision. 

Bone Spirits, level 47
Creates a constant stream of spirits to damage enemies for a short time. 

Command Golem, level 50
Summons a bone golem that damages and stuns all nearby enemies. The golem can also be directed to leap to specific locations. 

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter

Diablo immortal classes

(Image credit: Activision)

The Demon Hunter’s entire thing is doing damage from a distance while staying out of the way. It’s a class that’s all about range, using knockbacks to clear space while dealing area damage and using things like turrets, mines and other abilities to stay far away from danger. The ranged play feels similar to the wizard, although this is a sturdier character with a slightly lower damage output by comparison. 

Demon Hunter Primary Attacks

Crossbow Shot, level 1
Shoot an arrow to inflict damage

Explosive Arrow, level 34
An explosive arrow with area of effect damage.

Demon Hunter Skills

Knockback Shot, level 1
Fires a bolt of energy that damage enemies and knocks them back.

Multishot, level 1
Fires a spread of shots to damage enemies.

Rain of Vengeance, level 3 
Fire arrows into the air to rain down damage on an area. 

Strafe, level 8
Shoot in all directions for a duration. 

Daring Swing, level 15
Use a rope to swing to a new area, damaging enemies on the way. 

Knife Trap, level 20
A knife trap that acts like a mine – exploding when triggered to fire knives that damage nearby enemies. You can place three at a time. 

Sentry, level 28
A placeable turret that fires at near enemies. Two can be placed. 

Smoke Screen, level 38
Create a smoke screen that hides you and allies. 

Impale, level 41
Throw a lot of knives in one direction damaging all enemies they hit. 

Escape, level 44
A combined forward attack and backwards dodge that inflicts damage and reduces an enemies movement speed. 

Spinning Chakram, level 47
Fire out a chakram that returns to you, damaging all enemies in its path. Catching it will reset the cooldown up to three times. 

Vengeance, level 50
Fire three shots for your primary attack and receive a movement buff for every nearby enemy that stacks 10 times.  

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