Diablo Immortal dev reassures fans over wait for a post-launch roadmap

Blizzard has provided an update on Diablo Immortal’s post-launch support, as the game’s community grows restless.

In response to a Diablo Immortal subreddit post titled “WHERE IS OUR PATCHES OR UPDATES,” one Blizzard developer responded to the community member asking for an update. “We will have our first update here in the next few weeks as we get to the tail end of the current Battle Pass,” the community lead stated, as you can see in the message just below.

However, expectations for this next post should be set accordingly. The Blizzard developer reveals that community members should expect this next post to focus on Diablo Immortal’s Battle Pass, as well as several planned fixes and adjustments for the mobile and PC game.

The developer rounds out by reminding everyone that “bigger gameplay content features” will be free for all Diablo Immortal players. Right now though, there isn’t a timeline for when these bigger updates could potentially arrive, or even be revealed, as the Blizzard developer merely points to the “future” for such announcements.

There’s no doubt Diablo Immortal has been a success for Blizzard, despite the ongoing public backlash to the game. It racked up over 10 million downloads in just a few days earlier this month to become the biggest launch in the series’ history, but complaints about the use of predatory microtransactions in particular have been dogging Diablo Immortal since launch. 

Now though, weeks removed from launch, Diablo Immortal players think they’ve got a botting problem on their hands. While some bots merely spam the in-game chat with boosting options, others are reportedly hogging farming spots, and becoming a real nuisance for players. Blizzard has never commented on bots in the new game, and we’ll have to keep an ear out for any updates surrounding the issue. 

You can check out our Diablo 4 guide for everything you need to know about the next mainline entry in the long-standing series. 

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