Ransomware attack hits key part of comics supply chain

One of the comic books’ primary distributors of print comics is currently affected by a ransomware attack that began on November 6. Diamond Comic Distributors’ main website (www.DiamondComics.com (opens in new tab)) has been down since Friday, and according to information circulated by the company, some “other systems remain down.”

Ransomware attacks are a software-based computer technique in which third parties gain access to private data and restrict access to it by its owners unless a ransom is paid. Newsarama’s colleagues at TechRadar (opens in new tab) have written about ransomware extensively, especially in 2021 as it’s grown to cause severe issues not just for business owners but the general public as well through attacks on hospitals, schools, fuel suppliers, and even city governments.

What Diamond is doing about the ransomware attacks

Diamond Comic Distributors

(Image credit: Diamond Comic Distributors)

“Our IT department and a team of third-party experts are working around the clock to address these issues and restore full operations,” Diamond’s statement to its clients reads. “While some of our systems remain down, rest assured we are continuing to ship product and fill orders to the greatest extent we can.”

While Diamond’s website remains down, its retailer services website (PreviewsWorld.com (opens in new tab)) remains online, and according to the company, is currently functioning. Diamond goes on to state that comic book shops’ data and financial information was not stored on the affected systems, and has not been compromised.

“Thank you for your patience as we work to restore full operations as quickly as possible,” Diamond’s statement concludes. “We’re grateful for your support and will share updates with you as we have them.”

Diamond is working with the technology solutions company Agility Recovery Solutions to mitigate the issue, and the company has said law enforcement has been notified.

How you could be affected by the ransomware attacks on Diamond

Comic shop

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While no longer the comic book industry’s primary distributor, Diamond remains a key primary (and in the case of DC and Marvel, secondary) distributor for comic books to comic shops, bookstores, and online booksellers like Amazon. 

Diamond’s statement alludes to possible issues fulfilling retailer orders in the short-term, but without going into detail. That could mean your local comic shop or bookstore may not have all the new comics and re-orders they expect in the next few weeks.

Until the ransomware attacks are fully resolved and Diamond’s systems are fully functional again, Newsarama recommends you check with your local store about new comics availability before you make the trip.

Get to know your local comic shop with our guide to finding and appreciating comic retailers. 

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