Dreams DreamShaping 2.0 update and A Bats Tale arrive today

Dreams is getting a brand new single-player campaign and an overhauled tutorial system for custom creations.

Revealed just earlier today on November 30, the “DreamShaping 2.0 Update” is releasing today for Media Molecule’s player-driven game. This completely revamped tutorial system is designed to help players build their own beat ’em ups, side-scrollers, shooters, platformers, and dungeon-crawlers without having to start from scratch, giving newcomers to Dreams an easy way into creation.

Additionally, Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale is launching today alongside the new tutorial. This is a brand new dungeon crawler, developed by Media Molecule, and designed for either solo or co-op play. Featuring frantic combat, variously complex puzzles, and big boss showdowns against creatures like dragons, A Bat’s Tale offers it all.

This is a massive new update for Dreams, arguably its biggest since launch a handful of years ago. The overhauled tutorial system should be an absolute treat for players who see the towering creations others have made after years spent with Media Molecule’s game and feel a little intimidated, and if A Bat’s Tale is anything like Art’s Dream mode that arrived with the game upon full launch, it should be incredibly fun to blast through.

Dreams is available on both PS4 and PS5, and even supports VR creations through the PSVR. Media Molecule is still stalwartly supporting its game, with events like DreamsCom returning earlier this year in July to show off brilliant player-made levels, and we’ve also seen some amazing creations from the community of late, like this game being made by a delivery driver in his spare time off from work.

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