Dynasty Warriors Star Wars is at the top of the series producers crossover wishlist

A Dynasty Warriors Star Wars game is at the top of the crossover wishlist for the producer of the long-running series.

A new interview with Dynasty Warriors series producer Akihiro Suzuki from German outlet JPGames (opens in new tab) is centered on the latest entry in the franchise, Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires, but it also takes a moment to indulge Suzuki in a little wishful thinking. Zelda, Persona, and Dragon Quest have all received their own musou-styled takes on their world, just to name a few partners, and Suzuki had a ready answer for where he’d love to head next.

“Within the dev team, a lot of different IPs and works have been brought up,” Suzuki said. “This is solely my own opinion, but my own personal wish would be for a Star Wars crossover.”

If it were to happen, Star Wars would not be the first internationally beloved transmedia sci-fi series to get a Dynasty Warriors adaptation – it wouldn’t even be the first one that debuted in the 1970s. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam came out back in 2007, and it’s received several follow ups since then. Granted, it would be an even more impressive feat for Koei Tecmo and Omega Force to pull off given the massive profile of Star Wars, but we’re just saying – if it can work for Char, it can work for Vader.

On the other side of the potential licensing agreement, Disney has broadened its approach to licensed Star Wars games in recent years, with an open-world Ubisoft Star Wars game announced last January, and a Star Wars Jedi sequel, shooter, and strategy game announced by Respawn Entertainment this January. Maybe next January’s announcement will end up being Star Wars-iors?

Consult our Star Wars timeline to see where a Warriors game could neatly slot in – we’d be partial to a High Republic Jedi-fest, personally.

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