Project Mojave is a Fallout 4 mod reimagining Fallout: New Vegas

Project Mojave is a Fallout 4 mod that lets players head back to the Mojave Wasteland of Fallout New Vegas.

The result of just four months of work from a core group of four modders (which you can download for yourself via NexusMods (opens in new tab)), Project Mojave’s early access release includes a “full remake” of the New Vegas Strip and around a quarter of the game’s map, all within Fallout 4.

To get to the Mojave from the Commonwealth, you’ll need to recover the plans for a long-range teleporter from the body of a dead scientist in Fallout 4. Once the device has been built, you’ll be transported some 2,700 miles from Boston to the outskirts of Las Vegas, in full view of the iconic ranger statue that towers over the Mojave.

This isn’t just a rebuilding of Fallout: New Vegas within Fallout 4. The latter is set six years after the former, in 2287 rather than 2281, which means that the world of Project Mojave has moved on a little from Obsidian’s original pass in 2010. It’s not clear exactly which direction the development team will take the mod in, but there’s already plenty to explore, not least the strip itself with its three functioning casinos, and a number of Fallout: New Vegas weapons that aren’t otherwise available in Fallout 4.

Project Mojave is still in early access for now, so don’t expect a full reimagining of New Vegas just yet, but there’s a reasonable amount to explore, and plenty still to come from an already-impressive recreation.

Turn the Mojave into a real Western with this Fallout: New Vegas mod that makes you feel like John Wayne.

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