Should you accept Elden Ring Melinas accord?

Melina’s accord in Elden Ring is a basic request from the Finger Maiden to let her join you on your journey. It’s easy to be mistrusting in a FromSoftware game but you will have to say yes in order to progress. That’s because Melina is you access to levelling up, and your horse. Unless you 

Her refusal to elaborate on the deal however makes it all very enigmatic and it’s easy to think you might circle back around to the mysterious Finger Maiden of Elden Ring once you’ve had a wonder and got a better idea of what’s going on. However, as we mentioned, she is a major part of the game and someone you need to team up with, It’s certainly an odd thing to present such an important mechanic in such un unclear way. So below we’ll explain everything about Melina’s accord and what accepting it actually gets you. 

Should you accept or refuse Melina’s accord in Elden Ring?

Embracing Fia explained

Elden Ring endings

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Later you’ll get another strange choice, about whether you want to embrace Fia for bonuses and penalties. We explain the Elden Ring hug debuff for you here!

Melina will usually appear when you stop at your third Site of Grace. Officially, according to instructions and supporting FromSoftware stuff she appear after visiting three Sites of Grace from one of a pool of ‘predetermined’ sites. For most people, this will take place at the Gatefront Ruins site because of how the Guidance of Grace beams of light direct you around the world. 

When you reach your third (ish) Site of Grace, Melina will walk up and offer you ‘an accord’. You, apparently, are maiden-less, and she will take on that role for you if you agree to escort her to the Erdtree. However, at this point you’ll have no idea what a maiden is or does, or what the accord actually does… 

However, you really do want to say yes, as not only is Melina how you level up – appearing at Sites of Grace after you agree to help you – but she also gives you the Spectral Steed Whistle, answering the question of how to get the Elden Ring horse, Torrent. So if you don’t say yes, you won’t be able to spend the Runes you collect on improving your character’s stats, and you’ll have to walk everywhere. This won’t just make things harder – if you think that’s just going to be a challenge to try out – you won’t be able to reach certain areas or get past some obstacles at all without Torrent. So you really, really want to say yes. 

Saying no to Melina’s accord

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But what happens if you say no to Melina’s accord in Elden Ring? Well, obviously there’s no levelling up or horse, but the good news is you can talk to her at any time you rest, so you can reconsider. Once you’ve met her for the first time you’ll get a dialogue option to accept her accord each time you rest at a Site of Grace, so you won’t be punished long-term for refusing her.

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