Elden Ring will influence future FromSoftware projects, says Miyazaki

Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki has commented on a follow-up to the newly-released RPG.

Speaking to Famitsu in a new interview (translated by FrontlineJP (opens in new tab)), the Elden Ring creative lead was asked if the new game will have an influence on future FromSoftware games. Saying that while he couldn’t be sure of what the future would ultimately hold for the studio, Miyazaki stated that Elden Ring likely would have an effect on future games.

The director also adds that Elden Ring was only possible due to the growth of FromSoftware’s staff over the last few years. Miyazaki finally says that he hopes Elden Ring leads to more challenging endeavours from the development team as a whole, and considering Elden Ring’s complex nature and vast world, that’s no small feat.

Elsewhere in recent interviews, Miyazaki revealed how he was inspired to create the Souls’ summoning system. It turns out that after his car broke down, a number of strangers appeared to help the director push it up a hill, before vanishing into the night without a word. This is what lead the FromSoftware president to create the summoning system now widely used in the studio’s games.

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