Elderly The Last of Us 2 players who were looking for a tutor have actually found one

The elderly The Last of Us 2 players who were looking for somebody to teach them how to play have found a tutor and are working towards playing the game on their own. 

Originally starting as a Craigslist ad, which later found its way onto Reddit, 81-year-old Bruce Klein and his wife 79-year-old Karen were looking for somebody to show them how to play The Last of Us 2. Their ad asked for someone who knew how to work a controller and who would have the patience to teach the pair without judging them or getting frustrated.

As Kotaku (opens in new tab) reports, the couple eventually found their tutor in the form of Jesse, who has been teaching the pair a couple of times a week. According to the article, Jesse’s in-person sessions last around two to four hours each time and the couple have made some improvement since they started. 

Unfortunately, the couple is now looking for a new tutor as Jesse has taken on a new job and no longer has the time to help the pair. That isn’t to say that they are slacking off in any way though, according to Kotaku, Bruce and Karen have been watching The Last of Us 2 playthroughs on YouTube. Bruce says he has probably watched 50 of them so far.

Bruce and Karen have also moved onto a few other games trying their hand at Detroit: Become Human, GTA 5, and Destroy All Humans. They’ve also said that they’d like to try some games that aren’t quite as violent as The Last of Us 2 and perhaps some couch co-op games as well. 

If Bruce and Karen are reading this – or anybody else who may be struggling with the game – take a look at our The Last of Us 2 tips for some guidance. 

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