New Eternals clip seemingly confirms Superman and DC exist in the MCU

DC’s iconic hero Superman has been namechecked in a new Eternals clip – seemingly confirming that he exists as a fictional character in Marvel’s universe.

The “Introducing the Eternals” featurette shows the son of Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos confusing Richard Madden’s Ikaris not with a bird or a plane – but the Man of Steel himself.

“Dad, that’s Superman – with the cape… and you were shooting laser beams out of your eyes,” the child says.

While it’s nothing more than a knowing nod to the competition, it sure is fun to consider that Superman – and, by extension, DC – are part of the MCU in some way.

DC and Marvel have playfully traded back-and-forths in the pages of their comic books for decades now and even participated in a mega crossover event, back in 1996. This is the first real, direct mention from Marvel on the big screen, however.

Curiously enough, James Gunn has revealed he has spoken to both Marvel and DC about an on-screen crossover.

“I’ve casually talked to the powers-that-be at both Marvel and DC about it,” he wrote on Twitter. “I would love for it to happen. I don’t think it’s likely, but I don’t think it’s an impossibility either. THAT SAID, just constantly seeing crossovers and mashups is less enchanting to me than a strong story.”

Eternals is set to release in theaters on November 5 – but, be warned: post-credits surprises are already being spoiled on social media.

For more on the MCU’s future plans (without DC, sadly), check out our complete guide to Marvel Phase 4.

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