Does the Evil Dead game have single player?

Does the Evil Dead game have single player mode, or a story campaign for players to enjoy on their own? If you’ve seen the promotional material around Ash Williams’ latest gruesome adventure, you’ll know that the game features asymmetrical multiplayer in which players go up against giant Deadite horrors in an attempt to bring it down. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t play on your own, right? We’ll explain if Evil Dead The Game has a single player mode and a campaign – the answer being a little more complicated than you’d probably think.

Can you play the Evil Dead game in single player?

Evil Dead: The Game

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Yes, you can play Evil Dead single player – though it’s not the most extensive feature in the world. To summarise, those who want to play the main game on their own can select an option where other players are substituted by AI bots, allowing them to deal with Deadites without the panic of other people getting in the way. 

Does the Evil Dead game have a story campaign?

Evil Dead: The Game

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The Evil Dead does have a campaign – sort of. It’s a series of five missions (with a sixth reportedly “coming soon”), that represent key moments from the franchise or fun asides that we haven’t seen, such as Ash dealing with Linda’s head in Evil Dead 2, or trying to get his car back after thieves steal it (with the Necronomicon in the trunk) during the era of Ash vs. Evil Dead. It’s also strictly single-single player, with no chance to play it with friends in co-op or competitive fashion. 

These missions are very basic experiences – more like challenges, with no cutscenes and few unique mechanics – but are still fun and are definitely worth doing, as they unlock special extras and even new characters to play as (four at time of writing). In fact, this is how to unlock Amanda Fisher in the Evil Dead game, one of the best pistol users across the board and a powerful ranged fighter.

In reference to the missing mission – well, there’s no information that we could find at time of writing when that’ll be available or what it’ll include, or if it’ll be part of the existing Season Pass.

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