Fallout New Vegas is best played on a PC packed into a mini nuke

What’s the best way to play Fallout: New Vegas? On a mini nuke, of course. 

The Fallout Collector (opens in new tab) is a massive Fallout fan who owns a huge selection of Fallout goodies. But one of the most impressive parts of his collection comes in the form of a diminutive PC encased in the plastic nuclear warhead that originally came with 2015’s Fallout Anthology collection. 

The Fallout fan took to TikTok (opens in new tab) with a quick peek at the system, as well as a look at it running Fallout: New Vegas. 

The mini nuke was difficult to procure when it came out (unless you were able to preorder one). It makes sense, as it was one of the best collector’s editions on the market at the time that made sense in relation to the game it was based on. It was well worth the price to pick up if you were able to find one in the wild. 

Normally, you’d see the discs that each Fallout game came on housed within the warhead. Now, it’s home to a smaller system that, according to The Fallout Collector’s interview with PC Gamer (opens in new tab), includes a NUC PC from Intel with a very small motherboard, a power supply nestled at the bottom of the nuke, and the rest of the core components found in the bomb’s nose. It’s running with a single case fan and additional holes drilled into the case for better airflow.

Some better photos of the mini nuke PC. As you can tell, it’s a pretty simple build. Nothing crazy. I still have some cleaning up to do around the IO ports which I plan to fill and weather a bit. #fallout #mininuke #custompc @bethesda @Fallout @BethesdaGear @pcgamer pic.twitter.com/gPlOLzKazDApril 17, 2022

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As The Fallout Collector notes, the system runs surprisingly well when it comes to Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim. It’s running at 30fps and isn’t overheating, which is good news, but the same can’t currently be said of Fallout 3. 

Previously, Linus Tech Tips (opens in new tab) took a stab at turning the nuke into a PC as well, which is what seems to inspired this infallible Fallout fan. It contained a much longer case, however, with the addition of a 3D printed end as well as more advanced internals, such as an i7 6700K and R9 Fury Nano, powerful components at the time. 

The Fallout Collector is looking to improve on his current build. But no matter how you slice it, this is an impressive beginning. This is a fan who really knows their way around the Wasteland. 

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