Far Cry 6 DLC mission pulled after launching early

A Far Cry 6 update has pulled a mission that was accidentally released ahead of schedule.

Yesterday on November 2, Ubisoft published a full list of new patch notes (opens in new tab) for Far Cry 6. “This update also removes the Dani & Danny vs Everybody mission as it was accidentally released too early,” a Ubisoft community manager writes in the patch notes, before adding that the mission will be added back into Far Cry 6 at a later date.

There’s no information as to how this DLC mission was released early, but what’s noteworthy about the content itself is that it actually starred actor Danny Trejo (hence the “Dani & Danny” name of the mission). Although the mission is now gone, part of it was uploaded to YouTube (opens in new tab), so you can enjoy a sneak peek at Danny Trejo in Far Cry 6, before the actor makes his proper debut in the game further down the line.

It’s worth noting that the size of the new update for Far Cry 6 is pretty staggering on PS4 and PS5. While the update weighs in at 20GB on Xbox Series X and 19GB on Xbox One, it balloons to a huge 60GB on PC and PS4, and rises even further to 90GB on PS5. It’s not clear why there’s such a huge size difference between platforms, nor is it clear why the update is so large for the PS4 and PS5 in the first place.

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