Fill your VR boots with 3 free PSVR games coming to PS Plus next month

Sony will give away three PSVR games to PlayStation Plus members starting next month.

In a new blog post (opens in new tab) celebrating five years of its virtual reality offering, Sony spoke to developers about their experience of PSVR, outlined the five most-played games on the platform to-date, and announced that “starting in November, PlayStation Plus members will get three PSVR bonus games for no extra charge.” It’s not yet clear what those games will be or exactly how they’ll be rolled out, but Sony says more details will arrive “in the next few weeks.”

When it comes to the most popular PSVR games, the frontrunners aren’t too surprising. Digital hangout space Rec Room features alongside PlayStation VR Worlds, with Beat Saber, Skyrim VR, and Resident Evil 7 rounding out the list. Different regions vary the list slightly, with Job Simulator and Firewall: Zero Hour edging into the list in North America, and Gran Turismo Sport making the top five in Japan. Europe’s top five was a perfect match for the global list.

Sony has already made clear that it’s not finished with virtual reality, announcing that PSVR PS5 is already in development, although it definitely won’t be out this year. It outlined many of the games on their way to the platform, but a report in August suggested that its aim for PSVR 2 is ‘hybrid’ experiences in the vein of Skyrim or Resident Evil, rather than standalone VR titles.

If you can’t wait for PSVR 2, here are some of the best VR games you can play right now.

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