Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary showcase is coming next week with all eyes on Remake Part Two

A Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary showcase will debut next week on June 16.

Announced just earlier today on June 10, Square Enix revealed a presentation specifically dedicated to Final Fantasy 7’s 25th anniversary. It’s not hard to imagine Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two immediately jumping to the forefront of fan’s wishlists for the new showcase.

Join us next week for around 10 minutes to celebrate 25 years of @FinalFantasy VII: the broadcast and share your reactions with #FFVII25th. Please be excited. 10, 2022

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That’s because Final Fantasy series creative Tetsuya Nomura actually teased as much last month. Speaking during a livestream, Nomura said that new information surrounding Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two would be debuting in June, so it’s not hard to imagine the game showing up here.

In a follow-up tweet (opens in new tab) to the new announcement, Square Enix revealed the new showcase will be just 10 minutes long. That’s not long to get across information, but when you consider the showcase could involve just three games – Remake Part Two, The First Solder, and Ever Crisis – it actually fits perfectly.

If you’re unfamiliar with the other two games mentioned there, The First Soldier is a battle royale game for mobile devices, taking place years before the main events of Final Fantasy 7. Ever Crisis, on the other hand, is actually a compilation game, spanning the whole Final Fantasy 7 saga and encompassing all the various spin-off games over the years. It’s certainly an exciting time for fans of Final Fantasy 7, particularly those who have been pining for the remake sequel for so long.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been revealed, and it’s out next winter! Follow our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guide to keep up to date.  

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