How to use Fortnite Spider-Mans Bouncers to catch a Zipline

Using Fortnite Spider-Man’s Bouncers to catch a Zipline incorporates two methods of getting around the island into one smooth motion, if you’re able to get the technique right of course. Knowing where is best to head so you can take on this Fortnite quests efficiently is a big help as, although there are plenty of webs and lines all over the map, there are only a few of them in close enough proximity to actually let you pull of this stylish move in Fortnite. If you’re not sure exactly what’s required for this, or you’re just looking for the best location to do it, this is how to use Spider-Man’s Bouncers to catch a Zipline in Fortnite.

Fortnite Spider-Man’s Bouncers to catch a Zipline locations

Fortnite Spider-Man's Bouncers to catch a Zipline map

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Although there are various places where you can find the necessary components for this quest, we recommend two locations in particular to use Fortnite Spider-Man’s Bouncers to catch a Zipline. The first is The Daily Bugle POI to the northeast of the island, which is covered in webs and crisscrossed with Fortnite Ziplines – the low line to the southeast of this area is particular useful. The second recommended location is the Windbreakers landmark in the southwest corner of the island, where several low lines run across the river valley with webs positioned directly beneath them.

How to use Fortnite Spider-Man’s Bouncers to catch a Zipline

Fortnite Spider-Man's Bouncers to catch a Zipline

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The first step to using Fortnite Spider-Man’s Bouncers to catch a Zipline is to launch yourself from one of Spidy’s webs, either by jumping on top or simply walking into it. This will fling you into the air with a glowing trail, and in this state you can fall from any height without taking damage so don’t worry if you initially miss your intended target. While sailing through the air you need to steer yourself towards a nearby line, then follow the prompt as soon as it appears to catch the zipline before you pass it by. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll attach yourself and get confirmation of quest completion as you ride along.

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